If you are a Christian, at some point you “let go and let God.” 
 will show you how to do it everyday, and love doing it! 
“...that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11



do those who know you best want what you have

or are you evidence to them of perceived flaws in the very Faith you profess (Matt 7: 17)?

  You are not responsible, as an individual, for anyone but you,

 but as a member of the body of Christ, you are responsible to your Lord and Savior

 and to everyone whose lives you touch.

  Here on this Home Page

 you have the Bible and personal accountability Philippians 4:13 resources to

be who you are supposed to be in Christ Jesus.

 By doing the simplest of 1st century Biblical prayer exercises,

 you will experience the same Holy Spirit gift of joy 1st century Christians demonstrated

 even as they faced persecution.

 Your sweetheart, your family, your lost and saved friends,

even those with whom you work,

 will experience you as a blessing,

 and we at

 promise that you will “know that you know” Jesus' promise in John 10: 10 of

 'abundant life' starting now, on this side of eternity.


Our downloadable life transforming audio book  and direct live Christian counseling are
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and no cookies to gum up your computer or nose into your personal business.
We do not compete with or offer an alternative to professional counseling or therapy.
Our unique, thoroughly Biblical, Christian counseling approach links you to or restores
 the “joy”  of your salvation.
(Romans 12:2; Philippians 4:4-7).

You can determine if the ministry of 

is right for you


right now.


Simply click on to the video below

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Step 1
Welcome to 

with a Personal Testimony

Step 2: 
The Amazing 'Mystery Miracle' Passage Revealed

 Please have your Bible ready for this study.


Step 3:  
Download this remarkable Biblically inspired free audio book,

listen carefully to it multiple times, and
do exactly as it instructs for God-given transforming 2 Cor. 5: 17 results!

The Preface Track One

                          The Predicament Track Two

                              The Prayer Track Three                              
                           The Practice Track Four

                            The People Track Five

Step 4

For the undivided attention and prayer support of
Dr. Glenn W. Nowell
 call his voicemail directly at

 and follow the simple instructions
  for a return call in the order in which it was received.

Once your “joy in the Lord” has begun to grow
 as the result of taking Steps 1 through 4,
 Step 5 awaits you on the next page. <click here

Imagine having the undivided attention of Max Lucado or Beth Moore or Rick Warren as your personal Christian counselor for as long as you needed his/her advice and prayerful support or having the same access, if you’re Catholic, to Father Jonathan Morris, Fox News contributor and author of God Wants You Happy! These deeply dedicated Christian celebrities would, no doubt, help you any way they could. The Holy Spirit uses them to do so everyday. is in no way affiliated with these popular personalities, but it offers you as much direct phone counseling access as you may require with Dr. Glenn W. Nowell, a Christian relationships authority on radio and author of Unconditional Joy; Anger, Hurt, and Resentment: Undo the Damage; Following Jesus in a Narcissistic World, and his most popular internationally acclaimed audio book on personal relationships with God and those you love, available for download on this Home Page absolutely free. The counseling is confidential and it is free! Every resource on this website is free. Even if you don't need formal counseling, availing yourself of the free audio material will lead you directly to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are a 'brand-new believer' or a ‘spiritually mature’ Divinely called Under Shepherd “approv[ing] what God's will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will”  (Romans 12:2), there is information here vital to your growth in Christ (John 15:8-12); and, if you are ‘spiritually mature,’ you already know the value of sound Biblical Christian counseling (James 5:16).