If you are a Christian, at some point you “let go and let God.” 
 will show you how to do it everyday, and love doing it! 
“...that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11


                     Special Needs

Here they refer to psychological/medical conditions like:

 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

 Tourette's Syndrome

 Bipolar Disorder

 Clinical Depression

Including diagnosable conditions that are subcategories or variations of the above, that are believed to be somewhat, if not entirely, genetic in their origin, chronic, and incurable.

The wonderful news is that even the severely impaired as a result of these conditions can, in most cases, do the Thanksgiving Exercise (TE) effectively, experiencing results that significantly improve the manageability of the conditions themselves, not to mention a sense of sheer relief from conditions that are, by their nature, relentless and exhausting.

If you have any of these conditions or interact closely with anyone who does, you know the suffering they cause for everyone whose lives they touch. While those who don't understand these conditions sometimes attribute them to a lack of faith, or spiritual laziness or weakness in a failure to exercise healthy self will, these disorders are, in fact, substantive obstacles in brain and physiological chemistry that must be treated intentionally by the sufferer with behavior modification and/or medication (often with a combination of the two).

Since the fall of humankind (Genesis 3), every human being has flaws he or she must address. A benefit of living in our information age is that the “flaws” mentioned above each have a name, are diagnosable, and, as such, are no longer subject to unfair criticism or personal blame. However, while a purely humanistic response to these conditions is characterized by excuses and/or an abrogation of personal responsibility, the personal Christian response is to address these conditions’ corrosive egocentric natures with the full force of every effective treatment option available, while relying entirely upon the Lord for the results of doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves (Romans 7; Galatians 5, etc.).

Step 3 on the Home Page of is your link to the downloadable Bible study guide to the TE, and Step 4 links you directly to a Christian counselor who understands your condition and how the TE can provide you with remarkable relief in your unique situation.


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